Bravery of local young men prevented human tragedy in inner city

25 November 2014

Statement by Joe Costello

It was little short of a miracle that the fire which engulfed one house and severely damaged two other houses in Gloucester Place early this morning did not result in any fatalities.

The bravery of a number of local young men who raced to the rescue of the Murphy family undoubtedly prevented a human tragedy.

As it was the entire Murphy family of six are in the Mater Hospital and Temple Street Hospital receiving emergency treatment.  They were seriously injured from smoke inhalation and injuries received when escaping from the burning house.

Three families are now homeless and penniless and Dublin City Council is seeking to provide temporary accommodation for them.

A local committee has been established which will provide support and seek donations for the homeless families.

The near tragedy in Gloucester Place is a stark reminder of the dangers of fire to people’s lives in these cold months of winter and the need for constant care.