O'Devaney Gardens Update: Questions & Answers

7 October 2020

by Cllr Joe Costello

canva3Yesterday (6 October 2020) Bartra, the selected developer for the O’Devaney Gardens regeneration project made a presentation to the Central Area Committee, in advance of the submission of a planning application to An Bord Pleanala.

The agreement reached in November 2019 was for a total of 824 units, including the 56 currently under construction.  At the meeting, Bartra announced their intention to apply to An Bord Pleanala for an additional 285 units, bringing the total number of units in O’Devaney to 1,109.

I have set out below the main points of the presentation.  I look forward to engaging with the local community on this development.  If you have any thoughts, comments or other questions, please contact me by email at joe@joecostello.ie, or call me at 087 2450777.   

Tenure: How Many Social, Affordable, Affordable Rental and Private?centre2cropped

In November 2019, following intense negotiations regarding the tenure and the level of social and affordable housing Dublin City Councillors secured agreement on the proportion of social, affordable, affordable rental and private units in the development.  Dublin City Council and Bartra have indicated that the distribution of the tenure in the increased development would remain the same. This would result in the following breakdown:

30% social housing: (with priority for housing applicants living locally) – 323 Units                                                                                      

30% affordable/cost rental:  323 Units

20% affordable purchase:   222 Units

20% private:   to be sold at market value222 Units

What type of houses/apartments are being built?

The breakdown of the Bartra units will be as follows:

3 Bedroom Houses:                       26

3 Bedroom Duplex:                        38

1 Bed Apartments:                        333

2 Bed Apartments:                        587

3 Bed Apartments:                        133

(In additioin 56 social housing units are currently under construction and due to be completed Q4 2021). 

photomontage croppedWhat is the proposed height of the development?

The development will be built in 10 Blocks with buildings ranging in height from 3 to 12 storeys.  Two twelve-storey buildings are proposed.  11 of the buildings will be in excess of 24 metres.  

What Community Facilities will be available?

There will also be community facilities including a creche, play areas, retails units, a café, and community facility.  There will be a number of landscaped open space/park areas.  A bus stop will be located close to the café. 

How many car-parking spaces?

Approximately 300 - 400 car-parking spaces for the entire development are envisaged.

What’s the timeframe for this development?

Bartra plan to have a pre-planning meeting with An Bord Pleanala at the end of October 2020. An Bord Pleanala will have 9 weeks to respond and Bartra will finalise the planning application subject to the feedback from the Bord.  It is envisaged that the application will be submitted in February/March 2021.

56 houses are currently under construction in O’Devaney Gardens and are due to be completed in the last quarter of 2021 (there has been a delay with COVID-19).

Will the local community be consulted?

I have asked Bartra to consult with the local community prior to submitting the planning application.  I believe that the support of the local community will be central to  building a new community at O'Devaney Gardens.

Once submitted to An Bord Pleanala, members of the public will have the opportunity to submit their observations within five weeks from the date of receipt of the application by ABP. on payment of the €20 fee. 

The local Councillors on the Central Area Committee are required to meet and submit an opinion.  I will consult widely with the local community in advance of this meeting.   

The Bord must make its decision within 16 weeks of receipt of the application.  They may grant planning permission for the development or require changes to the proposed development.  There is no appeal process but the applicant or third parties can apply for a judicial review if they believe that there is a legal issue with the Bord’s decision.  

 What other Developments are proposed in the area?

Department of Defence Lands at Infirmary Road

Planning permission has been granted for 38 social housing units on the Department of Defence lands at Infirmary Road.  Construction is due to commence shortly.

Dublin City Council foresee a second phase on this site of about approximately 40 social housing units.

St Bricin’s Hospital

There are approximately 2 acres at the St Bricin’s Hospital site and it is envisaged that this will also be developed for housing although the number of units has not yet been determined.